Monday, November 18, 2013

Aegyo Line Making With Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eye Maker - Review

Hello everybody ~~
Today I am going to introduce you  '' AEGYO SAL / AEGYO LINE'' making!
What is it?
It's over your eye puffiness and just under your eyes!
 It gives a cute charm to your eyes ~~
You'll see it below :))

When this product first came out on Korean shop KollectionK, I got so curious and searched on the net.There wasn't any reviews about this product before :(
But I've seen people gettin surgeries for having that aegyo thing so I got too curious and ordered this aegyo line maker immediately!!
People says it is not eye puffiness but an intelligent shape you can give your puffiness to look cuter!!

You've seen many KPOP stars or actrors/actress with this kind of eye before, right?
But have you ever thought them without aegyo line?

There is a lot difference right?
You can also want to have aegyo line sometimes to look cuter :))
You don't have to be get under knife ~~

I bought this product to get some aegyo line in an easy way , here is my haul etude-house-haul-back-in-june  since KollectionK doesn't adds shipping fee to the product prices , I bought many things to give the same shipping money. 
*(Actually if you only buy 1 product shipping fee maybe too much, but you can buy more with giving the same shipping money )

 KollectionK was the first website I purchased sth from a foreign country, I had too many troubles but they helped me out well ^^

Behind cosmetics they also sell  KPOP CD or official KPOP stuff ^^ You can also get reward points by visiting their website and liking&commenting etc.


It has been a long time I've bought this but I'm still upset about broking it :'(

On the packet you can see Step1 and Step 2 , it informs you well about where to and how to use it :D
1- First, smile and notice the area under your eyes got swelled,
under the edge of this area use darker shade; Step1
2-Then, while still smiling put the lighter shade on the swelled area .
Do not touch !!! Because it is not waterproof and smudgeproof , but it is easy to correct :)


4Free System: Paraben, benzophenone, ethanol, and talc. 

Since its your eye area, it is really important what you use ~~
This product doesn't include ingredients that are bad for your sensitive eye area.
As you know Etude House'un Dear Girl's Line has 4 or 7 free system.


First I thought the shadow was coming from inside of the package then I noticed ,it was in the lid :D

When you turned the pen it gets the shadow from the lid.


The two colours are very suitable for skin tones, because of that you can have a more natural look ^^

Put the brownish shadow carefully, because if you put it too thick your under eye area will seem very tired. I think they dhould make the brush thinner for the brownish side ^^
I am not good at using brushes or drawing good lines so it took about 1 month to draw a decent line with brown side. As better  you draw, you will get more natural look.


Pros / Cons

+ - You can use colour trick to have volume in your eyes but, its up to your talent how good it looks. 

- Not smudgeproof, if I touch my eyes my face got shimmers all over it :D

+ Seems very good on photos or when you don't look so close you may not notice there is make up:)

+Very easy to remove

+ Very light

+Use CC to cover your under eye imperfections and use like that to have a better result!

Where to Buy

too cool for school_kollectionk

Use code 2038805 in sponsorship area when you register, to get 5$ voucher !!

I am really curious about your ideas abput  Aegyo Sal ;
Do you think it goes well with all Kpop stars?
 Please don't forget to comment :)

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