Sunday, September 22, 2013

Secret key - Telling U CC cream 30ml Review

Hello everyone! Today I am going to review one of the cheapest & newest CC creams. Secret Key's 
'' Secret Kiss Telling U CC Cream''
I was really curious about this product :) Here we go!

Package is ordinary . There isn't any English definition . It has a tube like a tooth paste. It looks like Banila Co.'s package design.

It is softer than Etude's CC, but it is thicker on the skin.

When you swatch it you feel it is has more moist than Etude's. It has a more foundation like texture. It is easier to apply. 


It changes the colour really easy and it takes less time to fit the skin tone than Etude's. 

It brightens skin tone.

Right side has the CC and left hasn't if you look carefully, you can see the difference ^.^

It takes near  15 minutes for it to become unseen on the skin.

Coverage Test

It has nice coverage as a CC.

Etude House Silky CC Cream vs Secret Key Telling U CC Cream

They don't seem very different after a while. But Etude Silky is more matte and less moist. Secret Key is really easy to apply, it is moistful and softer . Actually I prefer Secret Key's over Etude's.Because;
It is cheaper
It has SPF 50 PA +++
It suit my skin tone in less time.
It is more moist, I don't have to use extra moisturiser.
It doesn't have pink undertone :) (Actually this not sth I don't like but it is a difference :D)

It has a foundation like texture, this means it can get thick on the face and make your face need more O2 .
It can broke you out if you have problems with thick texture, it only brokes me out when my face is so sensitive. The most moist CC I've ever tried is The Saem's, in winter The Saem CC wins over all ^.^


 For Ingredients visit COSDNA and you can see its irritants.

It has a nice scent that is not too perfume like.

Oil Test 


After half an hour

After 3 hours.

Sorry for bad photo quality, my camera broke down :( So forgive me till I buy a new one :)

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