Thursday, September 26, 2013

Holika Holika - Jewel Light Water Proof Eyeliner ENG Review

Türkçesi için Buraya Tıklayın ;)

Hello ~~ Here is another review for one of the hottest eyeliners in Korea! It is a bestseller on a lot of shopping websites and now I understand why ^.^

This is my favourite product of my latest haul .
Pink one is No.8 Pink Topaz
White one with pink design is No. 17 Pink Ballerina

Here is the ads and tips from Holika Holika. Actually, it does what they promise ! Really waterproof and if you don't smudge it until it dries, it doesn't smuge easily!

Park Shin Hye advertises this ^.^

It really does the things above :) 

 They send me the product with a plastic layer around.

Here you can see the colour 8 and 17 from right to left. They are not seem very vivid because of my broken camera :(
Actually they are vivid like the way they are in the ads above :)

I loved the No.8 , it replaced Etude House's Dear Girls Cute Eye Maker. This has more shine and easy to use + plus this doesnt't smudge easily and this is waterproof!

I tried to remove them with water, they didn't get lost. I tried to smudge, they were still there! But they lost only a little bit colour after all the things I've done.
But after drying, I took a cotton pad and remove it easily :)

Also, this replaced tear drop liner! It is easy to draw and has a really good glitter effect! All you need to do is applying a second layer for the best jewel effect,even better than a gel  tear drop liner!

I put only a little eyeliner just to show you the colours;

Okey, here is my opinions;


It is good for beginners
Smudge proof 
Water proof
Reasonable price
Too many colour options
Multi Functional
Gel like smooth texture

[UPDATED] The problem is, you have to use a pencil sharpener but the product is so creamy: so while sharpening process you can waste some product. You should be careful.
Hard to sharpen.
I can't manage to use it as a eye shadow because it dries so quick and I am so slow because of being a beginner ^.^ This is not a con for a lot of people so don't worry about it :D

Where to buy?

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