Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back to School J- Dramas ~~

Hello~~ Back to school yeah! 

After a good holiday your busy school days will begin. Especially if you are in high school you still have to made decisions about your future and you should find reasons to study...
 But!! Never forget to create amazing memories you can have once in a lifetime! High school is a place to share & care with your friends!

When I was in high school I was thinking '' it is boring and it must end soon'' :( Because I was too busy with studying and stuff ... Then when I started university I realised that I had too many good memories with my friends. Even the things which seems burdensome because of busy schedule , now seems like a fairytale :)

 University is not as funny as high school (just my opinion) High school has its own warmness.
Here are some   J-Dramas related school  , I suggest you to watch and have fun with your school! Value your days and choose your goals! Be ready to attract by those schools!Let's go! 

Yankee kun to Megane chan

--> The first will make realise why you should do sth with whole class and how to change the school in the way you enjoy!

Since I love funny dramas more than others I suggest this to funny drama lovers. The first episode may seem a little bit not too attractive :D But continue and learn your first lesson ;  try more and more if you believe sth!

Switch Girl

You know every school has popular girls, right ? But have you think them being lazy and rough outside of the school?

Very funny drama! But I give +12 because of some scenes  :)

Switch Girl 2 

I am so happy this one had 2nd season! I am looking forward to watch the 3rd one ! Funny funny so funny!
Arata is so cool ^.^ But I am still giving +15 because of some scenes ;)

Misaki Number One!!

I watched this one with my family and we all hypnotised by the cuteness and kindness of Misaki. It gives great lessons. It is about our daily problems and it teaches how to react them truely . Both funny and beautiful drama to watch :) Do not underestimate anyone!

Perfect Girl Evolution /Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

This is about university students which has special features renting a house . If they want to stay in the house for free they should make a strange girl into an outstanding lady. Even though it doesn't have many scenes releated school, it is still about the friendship and school issues which can make your life change!

Another reason why I put this on the list is ; I find myself similar to the little child who could connect her mother only with tecnological devices . It is a good thing tecnology makes everyone near :)

Itazura na Kiss / Love in Tokyo 

I want to write a special review to this one. Because I have too many criticism and comparison ideas about this :) 
Actually it dissapointed me a lot. But I still like the plot of Taiwanese It started with a kiss or as Korean Mischevious Kiss . So, if you want a warm story go for it or if you want to compare this with other versions (like me) do not hesitate till the end. 

Spoiler : I don't like the idea of the actor's and actress' having 10 years age gap between and even the gir is not legally adult. They should think about the drama's future (2nd season has honeymoon scenes) . She couldn't play in  this scenes so drama was like it wasn't accomplished :( 

Hana zakari no Kimi tachi e
 It is a classic so I won't explain too much :) Have fun it is sooo funny with so many handsome boys :)

Any suggestions about back to school?

See you~~Sayanora!

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