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Shara Shara Black Source Eye Sunglass Sensitive Skins Attention ; Eye Care ; 샤라샤라

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Hello  everybody, I haven't been writing many reviews these days~~
This is sth for all ladies with sensitive skin should be careful;  
Shara Shara Black Source Eye Sunglass

I usually don't sleep well and got dark circles frequently, normally I use this; Link to the cutest eye cream from etude-house 
But sometimes I need sth really efficient. I got curious about Shara Shara and its very interestingly designed Black Source Eye Sunglass.

Product Description

-Offers enriched nourishment to tough and dull eyes to create healthy eyes.
-Restores vitality to tired eyes to create energetic and bright eyes.
- Sunglass shape of soft sheet that covers all over eyes widely.
- Fits to curvy eyes tightly to help to deliver active ingredients and create moisturized and smooth eyes.

How to use?

-Pull out sunglass mask out of a pouch with clean hands.

-Fit to the eyes and top of nose tightly.
-During activity, lift eye sheet upward.  
-After 10-20 minutes, remove a mask and pat the remainder
essence lightly for absorption.


It has alcohol, normally for eye area I don't like to use products with alcohol.
It has many natural ingredients but as you can see there are also many chemical ones.

About the mask ;

-It has quite a good amount of product.
-It smells good but in eye area I don't like things smell too much, perfume is not good for it.
Smell is really nice if it was some body butter or sth I would really appreciate it.
+I love the shape too much
+ I like the texture of the mask.

The most important thing is;

When I first wore it, I was so tired and my skin was so sensitive because of stress .
 My skin felt so ticklish and I got irritated, I couldn't stand to have it on my eyes even 5 minutes, I kept thinking that I will have redness.
But as soon as I remove it, I saw there was no redness . actually I really felt so irritated while wearing it, but  Thanks Allah :) my skin doesn't show any bad signs.
Yeah, it was effective to moist and brighten but it made me feel irritated.
Then I tried it later when my skin condition was normal and it was still ticklish but not as much as before .


*If you have sensitive skin this might irritate you, but everyone is different so it may also be well.
But still be cautious ;)
If you have normal skin it still gives the ticklesh feeling but its up to you.
The result is good, really moist and brightened.
I may use this so rarely to have more lively look on my tired eyes.But since there is alcohol, I don't suggest to use this frequently.
Smells too much perfume.

Price  about 3-5 $ per.
You can get it from w2beauty with using my sponsorship code 2038805 to get 5$ discount ;)

What is your preffered eye mask? I am really looking for sth both effective and  nice to my skin :))

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