Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review - The Cutest Eye Cream; Etude House Eye's Cream

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 Long time no see :) I am here to review one of the cutest eye cream with its brilliant design: 
Etude House '' Eye's Cream '' 
It has a very original name and packaging that catch attention easily. The word play with '' Ice Cream''  is very cool ~~
I really love the packaging of this product so even though having this more than 10 months, I couldn't throw the package! 

Why Ice Cream?
As you know ; ice and cold is good for under eye puffiness and it cools down the area  :) It has mint extract and  it has a really great scent that I love smelling ...

Use it when your eye area is clean because if you use it clean it will be hygienic.Useage is very easy turn upwards , put some around your eyes as you see on the package, then use your fingers to yield it !

I use this a lot because when I wake up I have puffy eyes and my blue veins seems horrible.  Good sleep is really important, I should rest more ^^ I am a busy person :))

You can see ingredients list below. Also you can check   COSDNA from this link to see if it will be chemically okey for your skin :)

It has moisture, cool down to take away puffiness,brightening and anti-wrinkle features.  I totally observed the first 3 features but about anti wrinkle I can't say much because I don't really have wrinkles :))

Do not expect it to act like a concealer, it doesn't conceal under eye area veins and it doesn't change the colour of your eye area , but it does brightens the eye area and takes away most of the puffiness . It just reduces the visiblity of dark circles .

I didn't expect too much from this eye cream when I bought it (I bought it for its cuteness) So I am very pleased with the result. Taking away puffiness and brightening make my eye's seem less tires so I like it :) But, if you need sth more moistful and anti-wrinkle , you can use a more comprehensive product ^^
 Beside, if you have sensitive skin please do not forget to check COSDNA. Because sth good for me can be bad for your skin condition .

The best part is  its scent! If it were a deo I would buy a lot of bottles ^^

Where to Buy?

KollectionK 7.11$

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See you~~

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