Friday, October 4, 2013

About KPOP -- SHINee is Back! Such an Amazing Art Piece, Fall Emotions ~~

Fall is one of the most emotional seasons of my life . I dont know why but I got so sentive and I listen songs with my whole heart. Maybe I want to become warm with them. 
So, in this season I don't like to listen too much SNSD , F(x) or SUJU since they usually use too much electronic sounds and powerful dance rythms instead of emotional tracks. Of course this doesn't mean I don't like to listen them, I listen them when I am exercising, walking and running in fall. But, when I want to get out of stress I don't prefer them, I love songs like CROOKED that I can freely enjoy in stead of a regularty. Am I the only one?

By the way I love GD & Big Bang when I feel rebelious or heart broken and old SHINee songs like YOU, Romeo Juliet , Jonghyun's Hyeya or Onew and Jonghyun's duets which they show the soul of their musics.

So in this rebellious times of mine when I need some warmth ; I am dying to listen more and more of SHINee's new album after hearing this video ! They seem to become emotional men with amazing talents! It reminds me the ''Romeo & Juliet and You '' songs with its emotional feeling but this one has  more heartwarming but powerfull vocals just to emphasize the feeling of fall ! The voice of Jonghyun is amazingly heart touching , my bias is Onew but I can feel warm with Jonghyun's emotional and powerful combination.

Actually, I  really missed their emotional sides that they had in their 'Debut album and Year of Us album' for so long! Since they are contemporary band, I can understand them trying new styles: but sometimes I want to hear their emotions through a good song. 

Everyone can sing a song with a good voice, but having a nice/ powerful  voice doesn't mean you can touch people's hearts. You have to show; you know how it feels, you should put your soul in it...
Then listener may think '' Whoever you are is not important . You share my feelings sincerely, cuz you know/ you tried to understand how it feels, I don't care about your scandals, I do care about the way you do your music. Because you are becoming so charismatic with the melody...''
This also doesn't mean all songs have to be too emotional , I am talking about expressing the song truely. If it is a crazy song singer should feel those craziness, if it is a happy song dancer should dance happily :))

Kpop has nice rythms and has a lot of variety that I love, since I got bored of a song very easily. In Turkey in a month maybe 7 or 10 albums may be out and put on a broadcast . In controversy, in Korea I love how they put a lot of performers on the real stage and how thousands of songs come out in a month! Talents inspire other talents that is the great side of Kpop and a great sourse for passion to make a better music.

But... I don't like when a song that made me smile , made me move or get me energised get faded as soon as so-called scandals happened. Music is something related your soul, you will like it or not; this is the point. If the star doesn't feel&experience any love or freedom, how can he/she put his/her soul to a song while living just like robot cares about all people's opinions besides his/her own opinions... 

In Kpop industry there are tons of quality idols with amazing voices  and talents. But only some of them can release their own feelings through a songs since they are the only ones who has those experiences that made a person who he is... Good or bad memory is not important, they made a person the way he is and made him sing a soulfull melody.

Companies care about popularity but will popularity bring happiness  or good music to fans and idols? 

If someone reads  about what I've written, I might write more of my thoughts in upcoming posts ^.^

Share your thoughts with me ~~
P.S What do you think about Kara's latest situation? Link of news about Nicole's not renewing her contract and Jiyoung's situation

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