Thursday, March 13, 2014

:: Unexpectedly Cheeky ; Sungkyunkwan K-Drama ::

As I miss Song Joong-ki ,who is serving in army now, I've watched his other movies/dramas a lot of times ^^ So,  I wanted to watch SKK Scandal I've been ignoring because of gender-bender in a historical drama!

 But in the end; it was unexpectedly  cheeky, funny and amusing!

SKK is a university in late 1700's. But the more important point is; it is a boarding school full of young men!
A women comes in ...
If officials hear, she will be killed :(

But she enjoys with learning school life ...

Every induvidual student has a unique character .
I feel like it is not a historical drama but youth drama!

Still there ar some points which we can see in historical dramas but I find actors really charming to watch , no matter what :)

Song Joong Ki's character Gu Yong Ha is the one ı wanted to be like ...
Yeah! His drama character is so cute while being clever under the curtains. Likes to watch when others like to make :D In the end , when it is necessary; he also involves with the issues in his very own way!

There are other characters with their own interesting stories outside of SKK!

I like to see a lot of characters in a drama and this drama has too many student characters and other characters...

I can't forget the ending scene it was extremely funny ^.^

There are many unnecesarry scenes but there are more funny scenes to watch!

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