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K-DRAMA :: Funny - Comedy Korean Dramas of All Times

Sometimes I want to watch a good comedy drama but K-Dramas usually take it to romance after some comedy episodes. But ...There are still dramas has high funny content. 
So I made my list to help people look for sth has more comedy than other K- dramas.
 If you have suggestions please let me know ;) 

I love watching comedy more than anything else :)

Rooftop Prince

Protect The Boss

Secret Agent Miss Oh

Dating Agency Cyrano

Flower Boy Next Door

Lie to Me

My Girl

Personal Taste

Reply 1994

Reply 1997

The Masters Sun

                                                         Delightful Girl Choon-hyang 

                                                           You Came From The Stars


My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Review

The drama is really one of the best ones.Shin Min Ah is so sincere,smiles cutely and daaakkk for her role!nanın neomu neomu neoumu chua! ^^ 
Unlike other hit dramas they didnt shows scenes from another countries and there was some places drama takes place,it seems like they didnt paid a lot of money.Buuuut inspite of being rather cheap to film the actresses and actors showed their best! Now the drama is in my top 5!
Drama has lots of messages,and also really enjoyable!It will be enjoyable for young people.If you like funny things it is good!Especially the part that Cha Daewoon said her a hair straighter is sth to cook meat , and the directors&aunties love were soooo funny ,lol :)
But ending episodes are sad:( I  thought last episode is missing sth like all K-dramas ^^ The writer used You are Beautiful’s characters it is also sth makes me smile.There was really clever jokes and scenes^^ I hardly recommend it.

Salaryman Cho HanJi

Salaryman ChoHan Ji is very breath taking action-logic and comedy drama! It’s really realistic and you have to think hard for solutions!Good for your brain :) 
But at the same time its really comic and funny.I hardly recommend  all K-drama fans to watch it! I loved Yeo Chi so much!
It was the best action-comedy K-drama I’ve ever watched!

Call of the Country/ Secret Agent Miss OH

Secret Agent Miss OH is the most comic K-dram I’ve ever watched,really! 
Usually if a K drama’s genre is comedy, the comedy parts doesnt last long and finish after 6 or 8 episodes. And even though drama startes comic it continues as normal then becomes sad parts and final episodes are usually not comic but happy :) In this drama you will laugh from head to toe :D Beginning to ending !
In year 2010 my asiandrama buddy hardly recommended this drama to me, then I watched 1st episode and it was kind of not so comic than I go on with other popular dramas. Then 2 days ago I opened 2nd episode and saw the drama is getting better and better. My mom commented that the drama didnt tire her heart in stead it softened her heart with laughters.
Drama about a money-sensitive police woman who finds herself moneyless after having some trouble and she wants to get her money back and follow some troublesome guy, one thing leads another an she finds herself an agent! WOW What to do? Let’s watch!
Lee Soo-Kyung was amazing and the plot was excellent! The older agents were soo funny and even gangsters was so comic! We always thought ”Is this really a gangsters move? :D ”
I like it all, no spoilers -except I really really loved the family of secretary Kim kekeke-! Hardly recommend if you want a real comedy and not sadness ! 

Flower Boy Next Door Drama Review

even though it doesnt seems like a expencive drama,it has many new ideas like ‘Webtoon writer’s inspire of his own life’ shows this drama is intelligently written and sincerely played ‘
Anyone can be the main characters of this story, this is sth we see everyday ,this makes the drama really heart aching-For developing and beginning episodes- as we know this is real …
For Park shin-hye I think this was an easier role :) She doesnt have to know how to play gayageum or she doesnt have to behave like a boy.her cuteness and nature was all she has to show ^^
 Yoon Shi Yoon was really like an idol! His FBND character gives people strenght to find themselves:) He was really so stubborn so I took my lesson,I wont give up easily,I will try until it’s opened ! ^^
Other drama characters were really intelligenly picked as a result of a good observation ^^ Like in real life, some people like a virtue, or a specialty and chase the first person who has it.Some people likes to hide identity,some like their job and left everything behind,even love .Some like the people who has what he/she hasnt got….
Ending episodes,not finaL; When I was waiting for ending episodes to come whole week, it seemed like this amazing drama also gonna be another ‘You’ve fallen for me” or ‘'You're Beautiful” so it started to lose its difference,and in some scenes I felt like ”Dude I’ve watched this scene before in some other K-dramas …”
Final was classic but dont you also think that Ge-Geum’s new hairstyle made him seem like ”City Hunter”s Lee Minho ? ^^ Kekeekke Charisma ;)
Can  someone please tell me is there a rule that says ;in ending episodes characters will fall apart and then -as always- after some months or years they will find out that they are !REALLY! created for each other and meet again!?

imageEhm ehm anyways… Result:
-Actors and actress were all so beautiful that makes you want to watch more ;)
-There was a lot of REALLY FUNNY scenes :D
-Watching it like, giving yourself a therapy…
-Reminds you to try try try… try harder for your dream
-For Being a really lovely person you cant deny parent’s hearts 
-Everyone deserves concern and love
- Past is past,somethings may seem to you easy to deal but this things can make life a lot miserable for another one 
-Love is not about the time …..
Conclusion,hardly recommend to watch in one go!And heal yourself ^^

Rooftop Prince Drama Review

Mom was asking something funny to watch I ve already watched Reply 1997 this summer so didnt want to watch again now :D  I searched from internet.Most people said Rooftop Prince is so comic!Then we started with first episode.My first expression was ”God!Is this comic or funny?” All I still remember is first episode was a failure!Down down down!
(You cant even compare with Reply 1997 watching 1st episode .Its plot  organized so well and its so different from most of the all other dramas -in a good way-)

Then ,mom said to continue since she is Yoochun’s fan :) Then from 2nd episode to 5th  we laughed so much but there were also so much unnecessary parts that we got bored ^^ So we skipped to last episodekekeke .Last episode was sth more clever than the first one.Then we got curious how things come to this end and keep on watching from 6th episode:D
Actually if you watch 1st episode then last episode you could think  ” thats enough,nothing more to watch” but you would miss funny and sooo romantic parts!Cuz in developing episodes there are a lot of mystery scenes,funny scenes and soo romantic scenes that will tie you in front of your computer or tv to watch more and more.
Since I dont want to give so much spoiler I couldnt talk about details a lot ;) But please be patient or pass the scenes you didnt like to watch then you will see the real drama after some not-good-enough-but-not-that-bad episodes you can start enjoying^^Last episode is daebak! Are you ready to laugh?Let’s watch!
[Kind of spoiler]
The King’s first car driving trick,rice omelette in palace with earphonesand money to bow are the things I wont forget :)
”Dont love someone just because she is beautiful,the truth is not always as it seems.Whole things which happens in this world has a meaning.Be patient and love your parents/family,Money is not important than them! ” are the things I learned. Have fun^^

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