Friday, February 7, 2014

Tony Moly Changing U Magic Foot Peeling Shoes Review


Hello everybody ~~
I was quite numb for a long time ~~

Feet are really important in our daily life. If we don't do peeling it may become damaged and we may have calluses that hurts bad ^.^

This was my first time trying foot peeling mask. After trying, I've seen the effects and I plan to use it regulary (once a month) from now on .

I bought this product to get rid of my bad foot condition , before I've tried many foot care masks and they weren't really effective on my foot problems :( They just give the same effect which foot creams already gave .

But after peeling, other masks and creams also get more useful on my feet ^^


Just wash your feet and wear it like a sock. You can use it after bath for a better result ;)

Wear it about 1 or 1 and half hour.

Wash it.

Wait about 5 to 7 days ; the calluses will come out themselves!

It says 4 days on the package but till the 6th day therewas nothing on my feet. I thought it wouldn't work for me :/ But after 6th day my feet skin started to fell .

Apple , lemon , hollyhock root,aloe vera,  lodge heap,

credit not mine


Package of shoes was not really the best. Before I tried the-saem-mint-jungle-foot-mask and it was better; Softer and more enduring, I was even walking with them on my foot they neither  leak nor got torn  :) 

Don't press hard on it, it might got torn.


Pros / Cons

+ - It doesn't have a torturing package like Etude House foot masks, 

- You have to wear it long , if you wear it on a very hot day, because of nylon bag texture you can get bored , because your foot couldn't breath :D

- It didn't removed my oldest& hardest calluses 

+ Removes dead skin well.

+Very easy to use

+ - Smeels like medicine

+Use it after bath, when your skin softens, to have a better result!

Where to Buy

I think it is one of the cheapest peeling foot masks and it is really worth to try at least once;)

I also want to try this liquid version ^^

There are shops that sells it alone but from w2beauty you can get it as 7 piece mask set for US$11.24

Use code 2038805 in sponsorship area for w2beauty when you register, to get 5$ voucher !!

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