Thursday, August 22, 2013

Some Songs To Get Me Energised and Helping to Lose Weight ;) (with Their Cute MV's^^)- Girl Groups

I love how K-pop has too much varieties!
Here are some songs I like to listen ^.^

EvoL- Get Up

D-Unit - Talk to My Face
I love their dance moves, so energetic!

Hello Venus - What are you doing today?

GLAM- I Like That

I like its MV very original (and Nana was so cool in MONSTAR)

Girl's Day -  Oh! My God

Ailee U&I

Ailee's voice is chincha Daebak! I think she is one of the most powerful vocals in the K-Pop industry.

 Hong Jin Young - Boogie Man

I love traditional and modern music combinations like this :) This is a song I really like to listen when I am walking ^.^

Secret - Love is Move

Secret is one of my faourite group because of their energetic image. I want to move with this song.

2NE1 - Do You Love Me?

It is a great song but I can't understand why it hasn't many views in Youtube, unlike their other songs :(

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