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Hello everybody!
 It has been a really long time since I got this product but I couldn't find a time to describe it in detail! Actually, I promised to write a comparison review, but I thought it could be better if I first write this ^^

First I've heard about Gem Miracle Line's Bubble Mask, it was because of Lee Seung Gi advertised it. It was a popular product but there were also people said it doesn't make your skin as sleek as it promises. 
Then , they widened the line and this time G-Dragon advertised Gem Miracle Black Pearl CC Cream!

I think IU was wearing this in Beautiful Man ! Because it seems natural and radiant 

Before getting this CC cream I've seen a review about this and the bloggers' face was full of red spots after using this. So I gave up the thought of buying this :( But on my birthday W2Beauty's Alice sent this to me as a present ^.^

At first , I was afraid to try this, because what I've seen in that blog was effected me.
When I started to use it; I feel my skin was a lot lighter than when I was wearing other CC's ^^
It didn't give me ticklish sensation and it didn't really damage my skin !

 I have been using this from last November it has been 2-3 months and I have never got a symtom like the other blogger had! 

So, something really effective and good for my skin maybe not good for you ~~

If you want to try this; you should first check allergies, then check the ingredients and find out which things are damageful for your skin! 



This CC creams main ingredients are Tahiti Black Pearl , Black marine Sauce, Tahiti specialties (Tiare flower, manu other oil,Noniekisu,)oxygen

that contains the Orient Pearl formula rich in mineral
and black pearls Tahiti to clarify
the skin aura glowing healthy
full animation simultaneously solve and make-up.

And it is 7-Free ; Paraben, artifical colour, mineral oil, benzophenone, PG, Tree ethonolamine, talc

Also check the Ingredient safety ; COSDNA Click to See Detailed List 
There are not really damageful ingredients and acne triggers, right? ^^


It is so smooth and moist, that makes it easy to apply. The amount n my hand was too much, pea size is enough for whole face. If you use a lot it takes some more time to blend.


10 in 1!

Wrinkle improvement, Whitening , UV Block , Moisture , Nutrition ,  Tone Correction , Smooth Skin, Pore Coverage, Texture correction, Radiance

Attention ; it doesn't say COVERAGE !
CC creams has light coverage they both have skin care and make up benefits. This CC cream has  skin care benefits  that worked well for me :)

It protects from the sun, moistures and it's anti-wrinkle. 
Oxygen will help your skin . Normally we cover pores with foundation, bb or cc creams and pores can't breath. That may make skin condition go poor if you always cover it so much.

 Sometimes my skin gots really itchy and when I remove make up I see I have more and more redness. But this CC cream gave me a really nice feeling even after cleansing!

My skin felt so pure. 
 My redness reduced and my tone differences became regular.
I believe this CC cream's  functions effected my skin in a good way.

It  gives a natural aura ; not so glowy and not so matte; semi-matte ? :)

It won't suit really dark skin tones but it can go to medium. When I remove;

It doesn't get darker through the day ~~


As I said before , this CC cream doesn't promise for a good coverage but healty skin ! But it covers redness and medium sized pores really well.
Coverage test for acne scars or scars;

If you use orderly it reduces redness as a skincare benefit!

It covers my dark circles well, it is so smooth and moist ; I like applying it under my eyes because of light constancy. 


- I had really good resposes when I was wearing this cc cream.
- Even though I was very ill, it gave me a healthy tone that everyone said I look so energetic.

- The people I rarely meet said my skin looks really healthy,  I must be caring a lot about my health.
- In my exam weeks, normally I had  many acnes and acne scars because of stress. But this time I only had 1 acne and 1 scar.( My skincare routine was the same and the only thing changed was cc cream ) 
-Even though my skin was very sensitive it didn't gave me any harm. (It might not be the same for your skin be careful of ingredients)

- Reduced my redness

- Oil control good for normal, combination and dry skins

- It protected my skin  from cold wheather.

- UV protection is good ; SPF50 / PA+++ 

- Oxygen make my skin feel , like I wan't wearing antyhing ! Eventhough my pores were covered, they were feelinh like they were not covered !

-Not itchy


- Coverage

- Time to blend might take longer time in cold weather, it totally suits skin about15 mins. But after suiting you will think that if you didn't wear it ^.^

- Oil control not good for too oily skins.

- Dry skins must use moisturizer before it

Where to buy? 

You can buy it from w2beauty, if you use  sponsor code 2038805 to sign upyou will get 5$ reward ;)

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