Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Banila Co. Two Kisses Dual Tint : Pink Princess Review [ SPONSORED ]

Hello everyone ! I know I'm a bit late for reviewing this product and I haven't been writing properly... 
But, now my vacation ended ~~
Another problem takes me back from reviewing is ;
 my camera is died ! 
And my phone camera only works good when it wants :( 

I hope you can get usefull info from this review~~

Product Info

Brand: Banila Co. 
(Vanilla but Koreans don't have ''V'', thats why brands name is Banila)
Name: Two Kisses Dual Tint - Pink Princess
Price on Honest Skin: 12.82 USD

Banila Co. is well known with its quality make-up products 
so I'm really thankful to Honestskin for giving me a chance to try this amazing product ! 
*.* Amazing ! ?


There are two sides of the tint , its so travel friendly ! You can get 2 different types of lip tints in one ! Its size is similar to a fat pen so its really easy to carry in the bag.


You can use this product in many different ways ! 
You can first use ; emulsion and then gel or...
You can first use gel side to get less dark color because emulsion side makes it look softer.
You can also use only one side .

Do it as you wish & be creative to get different colors ~~

The tip makes it easy to blend successfully on the lips, its soft.
It doesn't taste good .
I don't think it smells bad though .


-->First line was taken after tint dried 
the second line was taken after 3-4 hours even after washing my hands

The lip swatch photo was fine till I make collage and upload :(
 It lost quality  in every step :((
Also, the colors seem slightly different in my phone ; more vivid ! 
It seems more matte . Its not so glowy and not so matte; sth in the middle :)
Not shimmerry ~

Colors are actually more vivid than the photo.

I wrote serum instead of gel; 

I used;

1- emulsion  
2- only a little bit gel 
3- again emulsion 
to get this look ;



I am totally in love with the emulsion side ! 
It looks amazingly natural and a lot of people asked me how can they get this color. 
I went watsons with my friends to get some lip tint similar to this color but they didn't get satisfied.
 Because the other tints with similar color were not as moist as this one!

 I am not a big fan of shimmers , and this tint don't have shimmers! 
Makes it look more and more natural!

Gel side is too dark for my daily usage but I love creating different colors together with emulsion side !
Gel side is not as creamy and moist as emulsion side, its more watery. 

Staying power may change up to person but for my very dry lips it starts to fleak after 3-4 hours but stainin power is so good. As you can see on my hand swatches it stays for a long time even if washing with soap!
Its pigmented.

For 2 quality tints in one; the price is really good !

If you have dry lips, emulsion side is really moist but gel side is really drying .
 I recommend this to who loves pink color :))
I am thinking about getting the other shade ^.^


It doesn' taste good.

Overall Score / Puanı ; 4 / 5 

Where to Buy?

Buy it form Honestskin !

>Here is the link to product <

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