Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lie To Me K-Drama

Lie To Me K-Drama Review

The beginning part was amazingly funny and there were a lot of things in one episode but the last half was rather slow and they were lack of new ideas. It didn’t protect their extremely good image till the end.
But still has amazing actors/actresses and Sung Joon is so handsome :D
The plot goes well for near first 10 episodes. I recommend you to take a look at it. You will be extremely pleased with first half of the drama.Because of the first part, your expectation will increase for the other half , and expecting too much can make you disapointed.
But when you compare with other dramas , it deserves to be watched a lot ! My comment is just related to my high expectations about ending.
Actually, it may be a good movie to watch with excitement.

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